“It’s All Happening!”

"It's All Happening!"

That’s a quote from the movie Almost Famous—but it also goes a long way toward describing what we felt when we dropped by LSG South last Friday night.  Here’s what we saw:

  • A group of friends at the bar, trying out different craft beers, bantering with their bartender and throwing around words like “nutty” and “hoppy.”
  • A young couple tucked into a booth, clearly on a date. A date which we hope went well.
  • A La Sirena regular, eating calamari tacos and unwinding from a long day with our Margarita of the Month.
  • A couple of friends sitting at the counter high tables, chatting and keeping an eye on Sportscenter.
  • And a room full of other assorted merrymakers, diners and pineapple-tequila tasters.

In short, it was a fun night— and it made us feel like the vision we had for the LSG South redesign had finally come to fruition. It was definitely all happening.

It’s a dynamic space that offers our guests a lot of variety.  We’re glad you like it, we do too!

Russel and the Band

"Russell, these tacos are incendiary— incendiary."


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