What’s New at La Sirena South?

Short Answer: Pretty much everything except the food.

Burritos: Still got 'em

Slightly Longer Answer:

We Have More Seating! Are you with your family or part of an international collective of secret agents? Take a booth and enjoy the high-backed privacy.   Here to mingle? Pull up a seat at the counter. Want to drink in the sunset along with the last sips of your margarita? We’ve added more outside dining space just for you.

New Seats: Excellent for eating & drinking

We Have More to Drink! We know that for our adult patrons, beer and tacos go together like…margaritas and tacos.  So we’ve decided to offer expanded choices of both.  Similar to our food purchasing (which aims at supporting small farms) our beer selection is focused on micro-breweries.  For those looking for Dos Equis, we’d suggest B.P. Ale or the Mama Yella Pils—don’t worry Dos Equis loyalists, the Most Interesting Man in the World will be cool with it.  Also, be sure to try our margarita of the month and our selection of tequilas.

We’ve got Breakfast! For years we had friends and guests begging us to make breakfast—well it turns out they were onto something.  So we’ve started making breakfast and serving it at 7am daily.  Our huevos rancheros and breakfast burritos are so good, we have a feeling that your cereal and toaster waffles will be extremely lonely before long.

Dear Cereal: This means war

The Green (Dining) Room! The whole sustainability movement is a major passion for us. After endless hours of research we’ve chosen materials that we know fit our eco-philosophy.   Here’s what we’ve done: the counter seats were crafted out of our old dining tables, the wood on the walls comes from our managing partner’s roof[1], the wood behind the counter is recycled redwood fencing, the floor is polished concrete (no extra materials needed) and the countertop is quartz (certified by Green Seal™). There are other features that aren’t quite as noticeable: we’ve chosen to blow ocean air into the dining room instead of inefficient air-con, we’ve added a waterless urinal in the men’s bathroom and we’re using highly efficient LED lighting.

If you come to La Sirena South often, you’re probably of the mind that this is a pretty special place—we’re glad you think so, we value your company and we hope that you are as excited about the new look as we are.

[1] Don’t worry, he got a new roof.


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